Own the FINE SILVER £1 banknote pair

Own the FINE SILVER £1 banknote pair


Own the FINE SILVER £1 banknote pair

Today you have the chance to pay tribute the iconic £1 banknote with FINE SILVER reproductions of the first and last banknote designs.

Each banknote has been struck from 5g of FINE SILVER and comes complete in a deluxe presentation folder.

The ORIGINAL £1 White Banknote alongside the FINAL £1 Banknote

The £1 banknote boasts a long interesting history and many of us have fond memories of using the note before it disappeared from circulation 30 years ago.

The ORIGINAL White £1 banknote stands out as one of the most impressive banknotes ever issued because of its elegant design and large size. These early banknotes were partially handwritten and feature the familiar ‘promise to pay’ statement that still exists, with a slight variation, on our banknotes to this day.

Alongside the Silver White £1 banknote reproduction is a tribute to the FINAL £1 banknote. Withdrawn 30 years ago, back then this note could have bought you almost five pints of milk, 2 loaves of bread or a pint of lager!

Limited numbers available

Together these FINE SILVER reproductions pay tribute to the famous old £1 banknote that was such a key part of our numismatic history for many centuries.

However, only a limited number of these FINE SILVER reproductions have been produced to pay tribute to these famous banknotes, so you’ll need to act now to secure this fantastic tribute for your collection.

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  • First Banknote:
  • Dimensions - 150mm x 84mm
  • Weight:5g
  • Last Banknote:
  • Dimensions - 103mm x 58mm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Edition limit: 100

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