Centenary of the First World War - A Philatelic Album

Own a unique philatelic tribute to British Military History – JUST 100 available

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Own a unique philatelic tribute to British Military History – JUST 100 available

Today you have the chance to own a truly unique tribute to the past 100 years of British Military History.

The 100 Years of Military History Philatelic Album comprises Royal Mail stamps that feature events and influential people throughout British Military History, from advances in Naval and Army uniforms, the development of the Victoria Cross award, and battles bravely fought during World War I and II.

This is an opportunity limited to only 100 collectors the world over so reserve yours today – tomorrow could be too late.

92 Royal Mail stamps from the last 50 years

The 100 Years of Military History Philatelic Album includes 92 Royal Mail stamps featuring the figureheads, battles, events, awards and uniforms, from Britain’s rich military history – starting with the 1965 stamps marking the Commemoration of Sir Winston Churchill, to the 2018 stamps issued to celebrate 100 years since the end of the First World War.

Limited to JUST 100 Collectors

Each stamp is in its original pristine mint condition and comes presented in an exclusive Limited Edition Presentation Book that would look as at home on the coffee tables of the finest country house as in the archives of the most historic philatelic collection.

Authoritative narrative and a selection of artwork by renowned artists such as Nick Watton and Trevor Mitchell complement each subject, adding context and providing a highly collectable and informative guide to Britain’s military history over the past century.

What’s more, each book has been individually numbered, confirming its place in the strict edition limit of JUST 100 and making each one unique.

The perfect heirloom

With its low edition limit and historic content, it is truly the perfect heirloom to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

Click ‘add to basket’ to order yours now before it’s too late.

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  • Country of Issue: Great Britain
  • Years of Issue: 1965 - 2018
  • Condition: Mint
  • Includes: 1965 Churchill Commemoration - 1974 Churchill Centenary - 1990
  • Gallantry Awards - 1994 D-Day - 2006 150 Years of the Victoria Cross - 2006
  • Lest We Forget, Somme - 2007 British Army Uniforms - 2007 Lest We Forget,
  • Passchendaele - 2008 Lest We Forget, Armistice - 2009 Royal Navy Uniforms -
  • 2010 Britain Alone - 2010 Britain Alone Miniature Sheet - 2012 Lest We Forget
  • - 2014 The Great War - 2015 The Great War - 2016 The Great War - 2017 The
  • Great War - 2018 The Great War.

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