A Genuine WWII ‘Operation Bernhard’ Counterfeit Banknote

A Genuine WWII ‘Operation Bernhard’ Counterfeit Banknote

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A Genuine WWII ‘Operation Bernhard’ Counterfeit Banknote

Few stories from British History are as fascinating as ‘Operation Bernhard’, the audacious Nazi counterfeiting scheme during World War II.

And in this once-in-a-lifetime Westminster first, we are offering just 50 collectors the chance to own a genuine PMG-certified ‘Operation Bernhard’ banknote recovered from the depths of Lake Toplitz.

Read the story behind the ‘Operation Bernhard’ banknote and why you need one your collection:

  • In 1942, a secret Nazi plan was set into motion to undermine the economies of Allied nations by producing counterfeit banknotes on an unprecedented scale.
  • These meticulously crafted counterfeit notes, resembling British pound notes, were intended to destabilise economies, and divert valuable resources away from the war effort.
  • The operation was eventually stopped in 1945 as the war neared its end, and to hide the evidence, most of the counterfeit banknotes were dumped into Lake Toplitz in Austria
  • But, in 1959, the German newspaper "Der Stern" financed a recovery operation to find the banknotes.
  • Only a few were recovered, and I suspect we have secured the majority…

Your ‘Operation Bernhard’ banknote, certified by PMG, is a genuine piece of history. In fact, it’s a historic item few collectors would ever see let alone secure.

But remember, only 50 are available. Don’t miss out on the collectible that everyone wants…

Click ‘add to basket’ to secure yours before it’s too late…

*Please note the condition of each banknote will vary*

Order Ref 185/TPH2/3
Orders and payment terms are subject to acceptance and status. We may perform a credit check.
Price £345.00 (+ £4.99 p&p)


  • Years of Issue: 1932-1943
  • Country of Issue: Austria
  • Denomination: £20

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.

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