7 50ps issued to mark the75th Anniversary of VE Day

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SEVEN 50ps issued to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day

In 2020 we marked the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. The day which signified the end of World War II in Europe and brought long-awaited peace to our nation.

To commemorate this historic anniversary, a set of 7 Brilliant Uncirculated 50p Coins were authorised for release by Her Majesty the Queen.

SEVEN official 50p coins marking VE Day 75th Anniversary 

This remarkable Victory 50p Coin Collection was issued by the Isle of Man. Each of the coins has been struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated quality and depicts a design and letter reflecting victory during this important period. These include:

V – Churchill with his famous V for Victory gesture

I – Citizens of the Isle of Man celebrating

C – Soldiers shaking hands in front of Trafalgar Square

T – HMS Dido Battleship returning home

O – Spitfires flying over St. Paul’s Cathedral

R – Street party celebrations

Y – A soldier returning home to his family

One of the only ways to own ALL SEVEN 50p coins

Importantly, this set is one of the only ways you can own all seven of these poignant 50p coins. Just the Churchill ‘V’ for Victory coin will be released individually.

What’s more, each of the coins in the Victory 50p Coin Collection are legal tender on the Isle of Man and a limited number of each will enter circulation. However, British Isles 50p coins like this rarely turn up in your change in the UK, making these 50p coins some of the most sought-after circulating coins around.

Each coin has been protectively encapsulated in a bespoke VE Day 75th Anniversary presentation pack ensuring you can preserve the coins for generations to come.

The Complete Victory 50p Set is a must have for 50p collectors and demand is expected to be high. If you’re quick, you can secure all seven coins today for just £43.75.

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Order Ref 185/270G/3


  • Country of Issue: Isle of Man
  • Year of Issue: 2020
  • Coin Diameter: 27.3mm
  • Coin Weight: 8g
  • Obverse: Jody Clark
  • Reverse: Mike Guilfoyle
  • Metal: Cupro-Nickel
  • Finish: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Edition limit: Unlimited

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.

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