Coins of 1910s Collectors Frame

Coins of 1910s Collectors Frame

Coins from the 1910s are a distant memory for most, and some of us may have never seen them.  

But as one of the most significant decades in British history, they carry some poignant stories.

They may have travelled in the pockets of WWI soldiers, boarded the Titanic, or witnessed women making their first vote in the general election.

To celebrate a decade which shaped history, The Westminster Collection have created an exclusive 1910s Collectors’ Frame which houses scarce coins from the decade.

Here's why you need this frame for your collection today:

  • Housed in the popular collector’s frame are four of the most sought-after coins from the 1910s: the Farthing, Half-Penny, Penny, and Threepence,
  • But that’s not all, as you will also receive a World War One replica memorabilia pack with posters, medical reports, air raid advice documents and more relics from WWI.
  • Just £30 (+p&p) - an affordable way to secure the sought-after coins no longer in circulation 
  • Limited numbers available - don't miss out

Click 'add to basket' to travel back to the 1910’s today and secure your exclusive Collector's Frame. 

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  • Country: UK
  • Years: 1910-1919
  • Coins: Farthing, Half-Penny, Penny, Threepence

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.

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