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Can you make the Royal Arms Shield from the coins in your pocket?

In 2008, UK coins from 1p through to 50p were re-designed to represent a different section of the Royal Arms Shield.

Designed to fit neatly into your Change Checker Album, this Collector’s card allows you to assemble the Royal Arms Shield by simply using your loose change.

There is also space for you to collect the classic designs which adorned our coinage before 2008, to really add some depth to your Change Checker collection!

Pre-2008 Coins: Space for all coins (1p – 50p in order of denomination)

Post-2008 Coins: Space for all coins (1p – 50p arranged to form the Royal Arms Shield)

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Order Ref 185/670W/0

Limited to 9 item(s) per household


  • 297mm x 216mm
  • Brought to you by Change Checker