Own the Avro Vulcan XL426 Provenance Commemorative
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Own the Avro Vulcan XL426 Provenance Commemorative


Own the Avro Vulcan XL426 Provenance Commemorative

Today you have the chance to own the BRAND NEW Avro Vulcan XL426 Provenance Commemorative - featuring an ACTUAL piece of the Avro Vulcan XL426, expertly hand-crafted into the shape of this iconic plane and precision mounted into a deluxe SUPERSIZE 70mm commemorative.

Own a piece of Aviation history

The Avro Vulcan is one of the most distinctive planes to have taken to our skies since World War II, and was fundamental in improving our understanding of advanced aerodynamics - and today you have the opportunity to own a piece of this history and hold it in your hands…

Ownership of the XL426 was transferred to the Vulcan Restoration Trust in 1993, and although she no longer takes to the skies, XL426 is regularly showcased in events taxying on the runway at London Southend Airport and is maintained solely through donations to the Vulcan Restoration Trust.

As part of some maintenance work carried out on the XL426, part of the internal alloy structure - known as the elevon - was replaced. It is from this elevon that the Avro Vulcan miniature sculpture was crafted, before being expertly mounted onto a commemorative that would be the perfect centrepiece to anyone’s collection.

Strictly limited to JUST 250 WORLDWIDE!

The Avro Vulcan XL426 Provenance Commemorative contains a piece of history, and is strictly limited worldwide to JUST 250. Historically, every other Provenance commemorative that The Westminster Collection has released, have SOLD OUT in a matter of weeks.

Now you have the chance to own one of JUST 250 sculptures reserved for this special commemorative.

But with such a tiny edition limit, and the popularity of this iconic plane, you’ll need to act fast!

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Price £395.00 (+ £4.99 p&p)


  • Size: 70mm
  • Metal: Bronze
  • Obverse: Stats and propeller design
  • Reverse: Actual piece of XL426 modelled into aircraft shape
  • Finish: Antique
  • Edition Limit: 250

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.