2020 Historic Remembrance Day Collection
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2020 Historic Remembrance Day Collection

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2020 Historic Remembrance Day Collection

Every year we pay tribute to the fallen servicemen and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in past conflicts.

This year The Royal Mint has released a Silver Proof Remembrance Day £5, which we have secured JUST 100 of to be set alongside a collection of circulating WWII coins.

The Royal Mint Remembrance Day £5 - BRAND NEW

This year The Royal Mint have paid tribute to the Unknown Warrior on their design. Created by Natasha Preece, the striking colour poppy design is truly breath-taking and pays homage to those who we have lost.

Issued in .925 silver to a proof finish, just 100 of the tiny 1,920 edition limit have been allocated to this collection.

Historic coins – Straight from WWII

The new Silver £5 has been set alongside a selection of coins that are over 75 years old – these would have been used by the public during WWII, or may even have travelled across Europe in the pockets of soldiers! The stories these coins have to tell are simply remarkable.

Each coin has been meticulously sourced, but given the historic nature and the popularity of war-dated coins among collectors, it has proven very difficult to build up a large number.


Because of the small edition limit of the newly issued silver £5, and the limited availability of these historic coins, we have only been able to put together 100 sets. That means that only 100 collectors will be able to add this set to their collection.

That’s a strict edition limit. No more will be released in this special presentation, so if you’d like to add this historic commemorative to your collection, you’ll need to be quick.

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Price £275.00 (+ £4.99 p&p)


  • Coins included: UK
  • 2020 £5/ Half Crown/Two Shilling (Florin)/ Shilling/ Sixpence/Threepence/
  • Penny/ Half Penny / Farthing
  • Edition limit: 100

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.