Stories of British Coins Collection
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The Collection that tells the story of Britain

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The Collection that tells the story of Britain

The Stories of British Coins Collection includes 16 of the most remarkable coins from over 200 years of British history.

This set includes coins that are considered a must have in collections, but many of them are in high demand and difficult to source, especially those which are historic artefacts in their own right.

A fascinating collection that together tells the story of Britain

You can own coins such as the infamous Cartwheel Penny (the first coin to be struck using steam power), or the first Commemorative Crown, and even one of the last ever lucky Sixpences to be circulated.

We’ve also included numismatic firsts and lasts such as the first bimetallic coin to be struck, the first ever Decimal Crown, and even the first ever 50p to be issued in 1969.

Other coins include the last ever Round Pound to be produced, the Victorian Penny that helped build industrial Britain, and even a George III silver sixpence – one of the first issued after the Great Recoinage Act in 1816.

Together these coins tell the stories of Britain and our heritage.

And that’s what really makes this set stand out, as to own all of these coins in one collection would take many collectors a lifetime to source.

Limited Availability

These coins represent important moments in history and some of them are over 200 years old and are very rare. This has made them increasingly difficult to source and we only have a limited number of sets currently available to collectors.

We expect demand to be high for these collections, and they will not be available for long.

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  • Coins Included:1797 Cartwheel penny, George III Silver Sixpence, Victoria
  • Young Head Farthing, Victoria Jubilee Head Half Crown, Victoria Old Head Penny
  • , Edward VII Farthing, Edward VII Silver Threepence, George V 1935 Crown,
  • George V Penny, George VI Florin, George VI 1951 Crown, 1967 Last Issue QEII
  • Sixpence, 1969 Fifty pence, 1972 Decimal Crown, 1997 Bimetallic £2 coin, 2016
  • Last round pound coin.

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.