Just 250 available: Own an ORIGINAL piece of the Berlin Wall
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This item has now sold out and is unavailable to order.

Just 250 available: Own an ORIGINAL piece of the Berlin Wall

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Just 250 available: Own an ORIGINAL piece of the Berlin Wall


30 years ago, the Berlin Wall, which had divided not just a city but an entire world, came tumbling down. The people of Berlin were finally free to cross the border once more.

And now you can commemorate the historic moment that the Berlin Wall fell by owning a coin from East and West Germany, united by an ORIGINAL piece of the Berlin Wall.

Two important commemorative coins from either side of the wall

Both coins included in this set are special 1989 commemorative issues marking the fall of the wall, and the end of the division of Germany. Both coins are from either side of the wall - one from East Germany, and one from West Germany. 

As historic artefacts marking such an important moment in world history, they are are unsurprisingly difficult to source. They rarely make their way to the UK and even in Germany it is difficult to source these coins together. With the anniversary this year and increasing demand for one-off historic sets, the availability of these coins is diminishing. 

An ORIGINAL piece of the Berlin Wall

Set in between the coins is an ORIGINAL piece of the Berlin Wall. Every piece of the Berlin Wall holds its own story, whether that be about a successful escape attempt or of loved ones reuniting. Just think of the tales it has to tell!

Just 250 available

The fall of the Berlin Wall is one of the most significant events of the 20th Century signifying the end of the Cold War. This set gives you a chance to own a real  piece of history. Considering the anniversary this year, and the popularity of historic one-off products, this set is not expected to be available for long. 

With only a 250 sets available, you'll need to act now to secure one for your collection. 

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  • Country of Issue:East Germany/ West Germany
  • Year of Issue:1989
  • Coin Diameter:31mm/ 32.5mm
  • Coin Weight:12.2g/ 15.5g
  • Obverse:Hammer and compass emblem/ Eagle
  • Reverse:15 Shields/ Coat of arms
  • Metal:CuNi/ Silver
  • Finish:Circulated/Uncirculated
  • Set Edition Limit:250

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.