An EMERGENCY banknote issued during WWII
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An EMERGENCY banknote issued during WWII


An EMERGENCY banknote issued during WWII

Today you have the chance to own an ORIGINAL emergency Dollar issued 75 years ago during WWII…

In 1942, US troops started the ‘Operation Torch’ campaign in North Africa and it resulted in the production of one of the most interesting currency issues of all time…

The one-time-only emergency $1 notes

The US Government was worried that with so many US troops concentrated in one region there was a danger that large hoards of US currency could fall into Nazi hands. If that happened, the Germans could use the US currency to buy weapons with which to fight US and Allied troops…

As a result, the US Government created one-time-only special issue banknotes that were valid only in North Africa.

To set them apart from all other $1 banknotes, they were printed with a yellow Treasury seal on the right side instead of the usual blue seal.

Over 75 years old - limited numbers survive

Most of these notes were worn out or destroyed during the war and now stand as an extremely rare and collectable piece of military history.

We’ve managed to secure a small number directly from the United States – but with a limited number available you’ll need to act now to secure yours!

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  • Demonination: $1
  • Dimensions: 187mm x 80mm

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
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