The Emergency Wartime Banknote Pair

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The Emergency Wartime Banknote Pair


The Emergency Wartime Banknote Pair

But did you know that during the two World Wars, there was an unsung hero helping Britain win the war from back home? 

The hero was the Emergency Wartime Banknote.

The Emergency Wartime Banknotes

One of the government’s greatest fears during both wars was the potential destabilisation of currency.

During the First World War, in order to replace the coins which had been hoarded out of circulation, bank notes needed to be issued in large numbers. The government was forced to issue these notes themselves and these special Treasury issues went on to form the basis of the modern banknote we know today!

During the Second World War, Nazi Germany attempted to undermine British currency in order to try and cripple the economy and weaken Britain. The Bank of England took preventative action and a metal security thread was introduced for the first time in banknotes, which the Germans could not replicate.

Because of these revolutionary banknotes, the British currency stayed strong and continued to support the British economy during the War.

FINE SILVER reproductions

These banknotes have such an intriguing story that they are now difficult to find in good condition. But today you have the chance to own a special edition pair of Emergency Wartime Banknote reproductions, each struck from 5g of FINE SILVER.

The Emergency Banknotes each carry a fascinating story, and your Silver versions come complete in a presentation folder telling the full story of how these banknotes helped Britain win the war.

Less than 100 available!

We currently have just a small number of these special FINE SILVER banknotes, which have been produced to commemorate these historically significant banknotes.

With such a tiny number available, and demand for military commemoratives such as this always high, you’ll need to act now to secure yours!

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  • First World War Silver Banknote
  • Dimensions: 113mm x 63mm
  • Design: Bertram Mackennal
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: 5g
  • Second World War Silver Banknote
  • Dimensions: 113mm x 63mm
  • Design: WM Keesey et al
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: 5g

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