Own the legendary King George V Seahorse High Values
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Own the legendary King George V Seahorse High Values

L075 - Seahorses Stamps
1918 and 1934 Seahorses 6v Stamps (Used) (2)

Own the legendary King George V Seahorse High Values

Since their inception in 1840, British stamps have featured some of the most beautiful designs ever seen. Designs which can elevate an everyday postage stamp to a miniature piece of art. These stamps do just that, and are perhaps the most sought after of George V’s reign – the Seahorse High Values.

The Two Printings

The very first Seahorse stamps were issued between 1913-18. The contract to print them was then renewed and a slightly different design was issued in 1934 for the remainder of George V's reign.

Apart from the slight colour variation – there is just one small difference between the two...


The final stamp design was actually created by Australian born Bertrand Mackennal and engraved by The Royal Mint's chief engraver of the time – John Harrison. Despite the contract for the printing of the stamps being moved in 1934, it was Harrison's engravings that were used. The only difference being the cross hatching behind the King's head

Why Seahorses?

During King George V’s reign, the British Empire was still expanding and would reach its territorial peak under his influence. The design for the George V high value stamps needed to reflect this.

You may wonder why the name Seahorses is used. They don’t feature the aquatic creature of the same name – but Britannia in her chariot being drawn by three charging stallions. The ultimate symbol of Britain’s imperial might, radiating the message that Britannia still ruled the waves.

Highly sought-after

Highly sought-after in their own right, it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire a set of both versions together. Today, there is the opportunity to secure your very own set of used stamps for an initial deposit of JUST £29.50 (+p&p), followed by nine further interest-free instalments. 

These stamps are still regarded as some of the most beautiful British stamps ever produced. You’ll need to be quick; it could be years before we are able to offer them again.

Click ‘Add to basket’ now to secure yours today – tomorrow could be too late.

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Price £295.00 (+ £4.99 p&p)


  • Stamps include: 1913-1918 Half Crown Brown, 1913-1918 Five Shilling Red,
  • 1913-1918 Ten Shilling Blue, 1934 Half Crown Brown, 1934 Five Shilling Red,
  • 1934 Ten Shilling Blue
  • All stamps presented in a Luxury Presentation Folder with Certificate of
  • Authenticity and Information Page
  • Please note that these stamps have been used.

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.