George III Oval Countermark Dollar
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The fascinating Counterstamped coins...

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The fascinating Counterstamped coins...

**JUST 12 currently available**

The Counterstamped Dollars are surely some of the most fascinating and rarest coins ever issued in the UK.

Issued during the reign of George III, these are Spanish Dollars which were counterstruck with a portrait of the King!

Why were these coins counterstamped?

During the 18th century the Bank of England began to act as a substitute to The Royal Mint in order to fix the currency shortage of the time.

But rather than buy Silver to strike the coins with, they made the incredible decision to start distributing foreign (mainly Spanish) Silver coins that it had accumulated in reserve.

But, in order to nationalize the currency, the Spanish 8 Reales Silver pieces, also called ‘dollars’, were counterstamped with a small portrait of George III on the neck of the Spanish king.

Extremely short issue… and extremely rare

But obviously this could not be a permanent solution. It wasn’t long before the UK government demanded a new solution was found. So these coins circulated for just a couple of years, before they were replaced by a new currency for Britain.

That makes them incredibly rare – just looking at them they seem more like museum pieces than a coin that you could own in your very collection.

Limited number available for Westminster collectors

Using our network of suppliers we have managed to secure a small number of these incredible coins. But you’ll need to act quickly in order to secure one for your collection.

Just click the ‘Enquire Now’ and one of our agents will be in contact to confirm if we have any still available.

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Price £1,950.00 (+ £7.99 p&p)


  • Country of Issue: United Kingdom
  • Diameter: 40mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 27g (approx.)
  • Metal: Silver

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.