Own a hoard of silver plundered at sea in the 1700s!
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Own a hoard of silver plundered at sea in the 1700s!


Own a hoard of silver plundered at sea in the 1700s!

A UK silver coin from the 1700's is rare and valuable in its own right, but there’s a special mintmark that makes certain coins from this era much rarer, and of far greater historical importance.

The history of the coins with this special mintmark takes us back to one of the greatest naval conquests of the 1700's. Let me tell you their incredible story…

The secret behind LIMA coins

In 1740, Britain was at war with the powerful Spanish Empire and Commodore George Anson RN was charged with executing an ambitious plan to raid Spanish galleons in the Pacific.

During a particularly famous battle, the crew seized a Spanish Galleon and on board they discovered a huge hoard of silver, including over a million Silver ‘pieces of eight’ and a further 35,000 ounces of Silver bullion.

It was decided on their return to England that the silver would be sent to The Royal Mint to be coined in celebration of this incredible victory over the Spanish. The coins from this hoard were struck with a ‘LIMA’ mintmark, which is why today we can identify the coins that were captured during this incredible battle.

Limited numbers available

Today you have the opportunity to own a silver Half Crown, Shilling and Sixpence that were struck from the silver plundered from the Spanish Empire by Admiral Anson and other privateers. Importantly, each of these coins features the special ‘LIMA’ mintmark, testament to the fascinating provenance of these historic coins.

However, we only have a limited number of these incredible sets available so you’ll need to act quickly!

Click ‘Add to Basket’ to secure your Seized Treasure today…

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  • Issued: 1745-6
  • Country of Issue: United Kingdom
  • Denomination: Half Crown, Shilling and Sixpence
  • Metal: Silver

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.