France's First Ever Postage Stamp - just 50 available

France's First Ever Postage Stamp

First Ever French Postage Stamp
First Ever French Postage Stamp in display folder

France's First Ever Postage Stamp

There is no denying which country issued the first postage stamp, that honour of course went to Great Britain in 1840 with the Penny Black. But soon, the French followed suit and created their first postage stamp - the 20c Ceres Black. 

The French Penny Black

Like many stamps of that era, the 20c Ceres Black bears more than a resemblance to its British cousin. With France being a republic the stamp does not feature a monarch like the Penny Black, instead it features an effigy of the Roman goddess Ceres on a black background.

As a stamp that is in high demand in the French markets, let alone scarcely seen in the UK, the 20c Ceres Black is the perfect edition to any stamp collection. 

Extremely Limited

And just like the Penny Black, it led a relatively short life which adds to its appeal today. It was discovered that the black cancellations were occasionally masked and the stamp was easily reused. The 20c Ceres Black was replaced the following year.

The last time we were able to offer the 20c Ceres Black it sold out within days. We have managed to build up a small number to offer Westminster Collectors today, but with a limited number available you’ll need to act quickly to secure yours.

Ensure you don’t miss out on this philatelic first by securing yours today.

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  • Comes housed in a Presentation Folder with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Country of issue: France
  • Year of Issue: 1849-1850
  • Value: 20 Centimes

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
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