Preserve Victorian Stamp history and SAVE £1,920.40 on the catalogue p
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Preserve Victorian Stamp history and SAVE £1,920.40 on the catalogue price

Back before telephones and the internet, when HRH Queen Victoria ruled over Britain - the world’s most powerful nation, postage stamps played an even more vital role in society.

And today you have the chance to be one of just 20 collectors who can secure and preserve 43 original Victorian stamps, which could have passed through the hands of key British figures such as Charles Dickens or Arthur Conan Doyle, whom were busy writing stories that are now loved British classics.

All 43 original stamps in this timeless collection are presented on archive-quality display pages, in their own album. The remaining 39 spaces that create the complete collection can be filled with the facsimile stamps we will provide you with. That way you are able to immediately appreciate the historic value of the complete collection.

You can then choose which of the remaining stamps you wish to add to your collection completely at your own pace. Of course, we’ll be happy to help you with prices from as little as £9.99 (+p&p) for the individual stamps.

Save £1,920.40 compared to Stanley Gibbon Catalogue Prices

We have only been able to assemble JUST 20 of these collections. Simply because it has taken some really careful buying and key contacts to ensure that you have the very best value.

Perhaps you’ll understand the work involved, when we explain that the Stanley Gibbons catalogue price for the 43 stamps in fine used condition is £2,415.40. That’s a full £1,920.40 more than we are able to offer you these examples for today.

It can take months, even years to build such a comprehensive and historical Victorian Stamp Collection. You can do it today in just one go – and SAVE £1,920.40 compared to catalogue price

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Price £495.00 (+ £7.99 p&p)


  • Only 50 sets available

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