Own the Complete 1870 Halfpenny Red Plate Collection
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Own the Complete 1870 Halfpenny Red Plate Collection

You have an exceptional opportunity to own a complete set of fifteen classic 1870 Halfpenny Red stamps. Why fifteen? Because your collection contains every plate number printed on these stamps - including the highly sought after Plate 9.

The Secret of the Plate Numbers

The Halfpenny Red was introduced in 1870 as a result of a reduction in the rate for sending postcards. It still holds the distinction of being the smallest ever stamp issued in the UK – often fondly referred to as the ‘Bantam’.

It also followed in the footsteps of the other line-engraved issues and features a Plate Number hidden in the detail on either side of the stamp. When a printing plate became worn or broken it would be replaced with a fresh one and the plate number increased. In tandem with historical records, the different plate numbers allow the discerning collector to identify how many of the stamps were printed, and therefore recognise their value and scarcity.

The Rare Plate 9

Some plate numbers can be so hard to find they render the completion of the series near impossible. The Halfpenny Red is no exception – Plate 9 was kept in reserve and hardly ever used, making its stamps exceptionally scarce.

In fact, a fine used example of this one stamp alone catalogues at £850*, and now you can be amongst the few people in the UK who count an example amongst their collection. Together with the other fourteen Plate Numbers they are an impressive display of Victorian ingenuity and a true philatelic spectacle.

An Exciting Collecting Opportunity

Complete collections like this one can often take years to assemble, and as these stamps are so small it makes the task even harder. However our experts have undertaken the painstaking detective work over several months on your behalf in order to compile a small quantity of these sets.

Your stamps will arrive ready to display in a Deluxe Wooden Presentation Case, ideal to keep them safe for generations to come if looked after correctly. They will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing their age and provenance.

But remember, with every 1870 Halfpenny Red Complete Plate Collection that is assembled another Plate 9 stamp will enter a private collection - makingthem scarcer and scarcer. After all, these stamps were first printed 142 years ago and it’s remarkable they have survived at all – so please take advantage of this opportunity today.

Order Ref 185/M405/0
Price £745.00 (+ £7.99 p&p)


  • *Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue 2012 Edition

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