Own all 9 stamps for less than HALF their catalogue value
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Own all 9 stamps for less than HALF their catalogue value

Between 1858-1879, Victorians used the set of four stamps, pictured on the top line, to send their mail.

Today, together with the five stamps pictured below them, they are
among the most sought after ‘sets’ of Victorian stamps available.

N339 Fraud Busters

Here’s why. The set of four were printed using a method known as ‘line engraving’. However it was soon discovered that the cunning forgers of the day had found a way to wash the postmarks off and re-use the stamps.

Enter the Fraud-Busters

To counter this fraud and the subsequent loss of revenue, a new method of printing was adopted. Known as ‘surface printing’, it ensured that any attempt at ‘washing off’ would spoil the stamps.

The ground-breaking 1880-1881 series

The ground-breaking 1880-1881 series of stamps was produced in this fashion. Initially covering the same values as the stamps they replaced, in March 1881 an indigo 5d stamp was added to the series – the letter rate to India. Significantly, this was the FIRST EVER 5d stamp to be issued in Britain.

The Victorian ‘Fraud-Busters’ Collection

Today you can own a superb collection of 9 stamps – including the 5d stamp – in the fascinating Victorian ‘Fraud-Busters’ Collection.

The collection really does bring history to your door. It whisks you back to those exhilarating days of Queen Victoria, and especially to that early, innovative work of postage stamp production.

The set of nine stamps includes all four ‘line engraved’ stamps of 1858-1879 together with their ‘surface printed’ replacements of 1880-1881. Giving you nine stamps that truly deserve their chapter in the exciting tale of British postal legend. 

Yours today for less than HALF the current catalogue value

Currently catalogued at £524.75* – this historic collection can be yours today for just £195 (+p&p). Less than HALF THE CATALOGUE PRICE

Victorian stamps are extremely popular amongst knowledgeable collectors, but with stocks extremely limited don't miss out on the opportunity to own yours.

* Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue 2016

Order Ref 185/M339/0
Price £195.00 (+ £3.99 p&p)


  • Nine stamps in total between 1858-1881
  • Includes the 1/2d, 1d, 1 1/2d, 2d of 1858-1879, & 1/2d, 1d, 1 1/2d, 2d& 5d of
  • Presented with a certificate and presentation folder

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