The longest running series of postage stamps...
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Own a set of the longest running series of postage stamps...

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Own a set of the longest running series of postage stamps...

**Just 11 remaining**

The pre-decimal 'Postage Due' Stamps are the longest running series of British Postage stamps, which ran relatively unchanged for a staggering 55 years. Now you can own a complete set of these increasingly popular stamps. 

Your collection comprises nineteen stamps, each of which is a genuine piece of British Postal History. Many of these stamps are very scarce, and collectors have been flocking to add these colourful and historic artefacts to their collection. 

The Postage Due Dilemma

Since the very first letters postmasters have had difficulty making people pay for postage, which was a reason why the Penny Black was introduced in 1840 as part of Postal Reforms. But the postage system became more complicated and so did the charges. The different values of stamp required to get letters and parcels to their destinations led to mistakes and underpayments. 

The answer was eventually found in officially issued 'Postage Due' stamps. Unlike regular stamps, they do not have any value themselves, but are an indicator of how much the recipient would have to pay in order to get their letter. The first was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1914, and more values were added as the century progressed, until they were discontinued in 1969 in preparation for decimalisation. This collection is a perfect, complete example of every value issued during this time. 

Just 50 Scarce complete collections

What makes your collection so desirable is that the stamps were often discarded once the tariff had been paid - but they were just as official and underwent the same rigorous design and production process as any other United Kingdom stamp. Your collection contains an example of every stamp issued, including higher values like £1, which would have been very rarely used. 

Collectors worldwide have started to realise that these forgotten stamps are now becoming more and more difficult to acquire, so demand is increasing. 

We have never been able to offer these stamps before, however we have been lucky enough to have secured 50 of these complete sets and we now have just 11 remaining.

These stamps have become a serious collector's item, bring a small part of Britain's postal history to your home by ordering yours today before it's too late. 

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Price £95.00 (+ £3.99 p&p)


  • Complete set of 19 Pre-Decimal Postage Due stamps
  • Comes in Deluxe Presentation Folder

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