Ten times scarcer than the Penny Black
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Ten times scarcer than the Penny Black

840 Twopenny Blue Stamp - Used Condition
840 Twopenny Blue Stamp - Used Condition - Presentation Folder
840 Twopenny Blue Stamp - Used Condition - 1840 vs 1841

Ten times scarcer than the Penny Black

Whilst the Penny Black rightfully remains the world's most famous stamp, the Twopenny Blue was issued just two days later and is often overlooked. Yet this is a stamp with more than twice the catalogue value of the Penny Black.

Issued for just a year and ten times scarcer than the Penny Black

The Twopenny Blue stamp was used to cover postage on packages weighing over half an ounce. Because sending any letter by post (let alone a small parcel) was alien to most people at the time, the stamp was rarely used, and therefore issued in much smaller quantities than the Penny Black.

The easy way to tell your stamp is the sought after 1840 edition

When a Twopenny Blue is discovered, knowledgeable collectors make a quick yet important check to discover the age of the stamp. The reason being that although the stamp was issued for a number of years, the first edition from 1840 is by far the most scarce and valuable - yet it is easily identifiable.

The test is very simple. All you look for is a clear white line below the inscription 'POSTAGE' and above the words 'TWO PENCE' - a design amendment introduced early on 1841 - less than a year after the 1840 version was produced.

The absence of the white lines has caught the eye of many a collector. For this signifies they are looking at the elusive and highly sought after 1840 Twopenny Blue - a stamp that is now so much in demand that catalogue values have risen over 100% in just 12 years!

We have worked hard with suppliers to locate a small quantity of these stamps. Today you can own one of these amazing and historic stamps - but you'll have to be quick.

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  • 1840 2d Blue Stamp in used, 3 margin condition
  • Presented with a certificate and presentation folder

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
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