1946 Victory Omnibus Stamp Collection
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The Stamp Collection that defied the odds...

L253 - 1946 Victory Stamp Collection (2)
L253 - 1946 Victory Stamp Collection (1)
L253 - 1946 Victory Stamp Collection

The Stamp Collection that defied the odds...

Following the celebrations of VE Day, meetings were called at postal authorities all over the world to discuss a philatelic tribute in celebration of the allied victory. 

The result was the 1946 Victory Stamp Collection - a collection of 164 stamps from 62 different counties. A collection that defied all odds. Here’s why.

164 stamps from 62 different countries

Even in this digital age, co-ordinating the production of 164 stamps across 62 countries would be a logistical nightmare. But in 1946 without the aid of modern technology, with the world still reeling from the war and with many territories only accessible by ship, it was even more remarkable.

Many territories chose to use a single iconic design distributed by the Crown Agents, showing the Houses of Parliament from across the Thames. Other colonies produced their own stamp designs, specifically relevant to their experiences during the war. The stamps of Burma are particularly moving as their country was ravaged by the conflict. 

Every one of these historic issues is included in the 1946 Victory Omnibus Stamp Collection.

Limited availability

An issue of this size and significance caught the attention of philatelists across the world. But very few, if any, collectors ever achieved the goal of assembling a complete collection and getting hold of these stamps now is even more difficult.

With every passing year, the number of collections in existence is dwindling. These genuine unused stamps are nearly antiques in their own right - and todaythey could be yours. 

Accompanied with a fascinating information page containing key facts about the stamps, the collection comes preserved in a Deluxe Presentation Album, complete with 8 archive quality pages

Secure one of the most important philatelic collections of all-time by clicking 'Add to basket' now.

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  • 164 Stamps from 62 different countries
  • Unused condition
  • Presented with display pages, front cover and information page within a
  • display album

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