2023 Bi-Metal Stegosaurus Supersize 60mm Coin

The roar-some Bi-metal Dinosaur Coin!

Stegosaurus Bi Metallic Coin Obverse Reverse With Packaging
Stegosaurus Bi Metallic Coin Obverse Reverse
Stegosaurus Bi Metallic Coin Obverse
Stegosaurus Bi Metallic Coin Reverse
Stegosaurus Bi Metallic Coin Obverse Reverse Size Comparison
Stegosaurus Bi Metallic Coin Reverse Angle
Stegosaurus Bi Metallic Coin Display Box

The roar-some Bi-metal Dinosaur Coin!

From Jurassic Park to the Natural History Museum, dinosaurs are huge behemoths that have captivated our imagination ever since their fossils were first discovered.

And now, you can own a stunning bi-metal coin that features one of the world’s most recognisable herbivore dinosaurs – the Stegosaurus!

Bi-Metal Premium technique

This striking coin features a bi-metal premium technique that is rarely used in minting due to its difficulty. In fact, the process used to create such a coin is not only rare, but also a safely guarded secret.

What we do know however, is that a 145g Copper core sits in between two 5g Pure Silver toppings, achieving both an impressive size and high quality with a 12mm thickness!

Ultra-high relief finish

This coin spans a ginormous 60mm whilst retaining a superior quality feel with a specialist antique finish. It is this finish, when set against the copper edging, that captures the immense amount of depth and detail within the Stegosaurus and guarantees that every coin is truly unique.

This ultra-high relief finish – as you can see in the images – makes the Stegosaurus look as though it’s actually coming out of the coin. To strike a coin like this on differing metals with such impressive depth and detail, is nothing short of revolutionary.

SELL-OUT HISTORY – ONLY 1,999 worldwide

This is the third coin in a SELL-OUT dinosaur series, meaning time is of the essence if you wish to secure it.

Given the popularity of Dinosaur related commemoratives, a surprisingly low edition limit of just 1,999 coins has been authorised for release – so don’t delay!

Click ‘Add to Basket’ and secure your ‘roar’-some coin today!

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  • Country of Issue: Vanuatu
  • Year of Issue: 2023
  • Coin Diameter: 60mm
  • Coin Weight: 155g
  • Obverse: Vanuatu Arms
  • Reverse: Stagosaurus
  • Metal: 145g Copper and two 5g .999 Silver inlays
  • Finish: Antique
  • Edition limit: 1,999

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