The Music Legends £5 Collection
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Iconic Music Legends Celebrated on this £5 Coin Set

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Iconic Music Legends Celebrated on this £5 Coin Set

Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, and The Who are perhaps some of the most instantly recognisable and legendary British rock icons who have put British music on the global map.

And so to celebrate these Music Legends, a series of £5 coins has been released by The Royal Mint and today you have the chance to own the first four coins honouring these bonafide rock gods!

For fans of British music, this range of celebratory coins is a must-have, including the 2020 UK Queen £5 (representing the first band to be commemorated on a UK coin), the 2020 Elton John £5, the 2020 Bowie £5 and the 2021 The Who £5.

Featuring eye catching reverse designs that perfectly represent each icon, these highly visual coins make for an awe-inspiring collection.

Superior Collector Quality

Each coin in your Music Legends £5 Set has been struck to superior Brilliant Uncirculated quality – the standard favoured among collectors - and protectively encapsulated in official Change Checker packaging to preserve its quality forever.

Ready to slot into your Change Checker Album, these new issues are not to be missed.

Celebrate Britain’s Music Legends and own this must-have set right now by clicking ‘Add to Basket’ now!

The Music Legends £5 Collection

Price £40.00 (+ £0.00 p&p)
Order Ref 185/984K/0
Price £40.00 (+ £0.00 p&p)


  • Country of Issue: United Kingdom
  • Year of Issue: 2020 & 2021
  • Coin Diameter: 38.61mm
  • Coin Weight: 28.28g
  • Obverse Designer: Jody Clark
  • Reverse Designer: Bradley Morgan Johnson, Chris Facey, Henry Gray & Jody Clar
  • Metal: Cupro-Nickel
  • Finish: Brilliant Uncirculated

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.