Secure the Limited Edition General Election DateStamp™ issue
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Secure the Limited Edition General Election DateStamp™ issue

The 2017 general election was already going to be one of the most significant yet, with Brexit negotiations ahead. However, with results ending in a hung parliament, the day now holds much more significance to our country than was previously expected.

To mark this historic occasion, a General Election DateStamp™ issue has been authorised for release.

In 2017, 1.5 billion new 12-sided £1 Coins entered circulation, but just 2,017 were reserved for a historic General Election DateStamp™ issue.

Each coin has been officially postmarked by Royal Mail with the date Britain headed to the polls for a snap general election – 8th June 2017.

The coin's reverse features a new interpretation of the floral emblems of the United Kingdom by David Pearce. The obverse features the Jody Clark portrait of the Queen.

What's more, each coin comes protectively sealed in a tamper-proof numismatic capsule with its own unique serial number so you can even register it online to receive your official DateStamp™ registration certificate.

Importantly, because of the special one-day-only postmark, just 2,017 of these DateStamp™ Issues will ever be made available and they will not be around for long.

Commemoratives marking such an important time for British politics will hold historical significance in years to come, so don't miss out.

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  • Weight: 8.75g
  • Diameter: 23.03mm
  • Metal: Inner: Nickel-Plated Nickel-Brass, Outer: Nickel-Brass
  • Finish: Uncirculated
  • Reverse: David Pearce
  • Obverse: Jody Clark
  • Country of Issue: United Kingdom
  • Year Date: 2016-2017
  • Postmarking date: 08/06/2017
  • Maximum Authorised Released Quantity: 2017
  • DateStamp(TM) is a trademark of 288 Group Ltd

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.