Own the next generation of high security coinage
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Own the next generation of high security coinage

The Royal Canadian Mint is a market leader in numismatic security, it is always exciting to see new and innovative products coming out of their Research and Development lab.

Today you have the opportunity to secure the Royal Canadian Mint’s latest R&D Security Token Set. It showcases some never before seen minting techniques which are guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned of collectors.

Featuring high-tech design elements

This set includes six specimen tokens with high-tech design aspects which will help shape the coins of tomorrow. The highlights include:

  • Tri-metal: a product of the Mint’s patented tri-metal technology, each token has an outer ring of brass-plated steel, the reverse features a maple leaf on a nickel-plated steel insert, and the obverse features the Royal Canadian Mint's logo on a copper-plated steel insert.

  • Caribou & Moose: featuring micro-text to give definition to the fur and a mixture of raised and incused elements to create a unique texture.

  • Pie-chart: if you look closely you will see each segment is defined by different sized and orientated micro-text on both the obverse and reverse.

But what makes these test tokens even more remarkable is that fact that the pieces included in the set are the real trial pieces which have been used in calibration and laboratory testing, so each one has been tried and tested making the collection truly unique – no two will be the same!


This revolutionary set has proved immensely popular with collectors, so much so it is now COMPLETELY SOLD OUT at The Mint.

We have managed to secure just 77 sets for UK collectors, so you too can now own a piece of numismatic history in the making.

But you'll have to act fast. The Mint is completely sold out so this could be your only chance to secure a set. 

Don’t delay click ‘Add to Basket’ to secure yours now.

Order Ref 185/952N/0


  • Year of Issue: 2018
  • Country of Issue: Canada
  • Condition: Tested real trial pieces
  • Mintage: 10,000
  • Tri-metal token: weight - 7.62g, diameter - 24.65mm
  • Caribou token: weight - 4.4g, diameter 23.88mm
  • Moose token: weight - 4.4g, diameter 23.88mm
  • Pie-chart token: weight - 4.4g, diameter 23.88mmm
  • Leaf 1 & 2 tokens: weight - 4.4g, diameter 23.88mm

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.