Own Great Britain’s first ever Royal Commemorative Stamp…
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Own Great Britain’s first ever Royal Commemorative Stamp…

British Royal commemorative stamps are some of the most popular stamps in the world with a rich history of issues. Today you have the opportunity to own the very first one – a true Philatelic Legend – the King George V Silver Jubilee stamp.

 Although it was Great Britain that issued the world’s first ever postage stamp in 1840, it was almost another 100 years before it issued its first ever Royal commemorative stamp. And it was almost a stamp that never got to see the light of day as a memo to the Postmaster General in 1934 reveals:

 “Though I cannot say it is definitely on record, the King has shewn (sic) a laudable dislike of commemorative stamps”.

 Despite the King’s dislike for commemorative issues, the decision was made to go ahead and on 7th May 1935, Britain’s first Royal commemorative stamp was issued. Almost 80 years later, it remains one of the nation’s favourite stamps.

A new era…

 It heralded a new era in philately. It was modern, not only in its imagery but also in its design. Gone were any references to Empire, the blocks of colour, the simplicity and the almost 3d effect had never been seen before on a British stamp. This was thanks to using a new printing method called photogravure which enable much clearer lines and subtler shades.

 Some of most popular issues ever… Just 170 available.

Understandably, almost 80 years after they were first issued, the George V Silver Jubilee stamp is not an easy stamp to find, especially one that has never been used before. We have been through our archives and found that we have 170 of these stamps that I am making available to our very best customers today.

Secure yours today!

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I am under no obligation and may return any stamp delivered
within 10 days. I may stop collecting at any time.
Order Ref 185/946C/0


  • Actual size of stamp: 24x42mm
  • Actual size of capsule: 85x59mm
  • Year of Issue: 1935

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
Coin Portfolio Management does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.