Own Britain’s longest reigning stamp
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Own Britain’s longest reigning stamp

Original Imperforate Penny Red front on green surface with pen and paper to the left
Original Imperforate Penny Red front
Original Imperforate Penny Red Capsule back and front
Original Imperforate Penny Red beside stamp and gold pen on brown book

Own Britain’s longest reigning stamp

It formed the bedrock of the Victorian postage system and to this day stands as Britain’s longest running stamp issue.

Of course, it’s the Penny Red.

History of the Penny Red

Within weeks of the introduction of the Penny Black, it became clear that durable black ink for a stamp was looking like a mistake as the general public had found fraudulent ways of washing off the cancellations and reusing the stamps.

In February 1841, less than a year after the Penny Black, the Penny Red was born. Unlike its predecessor, the Penny Red went on to have a long and successful career and to this day claims the crown of Great Britain’s longest running stamp.

ORIGINAL Penny Red – in protective capsule

Today you have the chance to own an ORIGINAL Penny Red stamp, and what’s more, it will come complete in a tamperproof capsule guaranteeing its condition and quality for generations to come.

However, as you can imagine these historic pieces of history were mostly used on letters over 150 years ago! Not many survive in this sort of condition, so you’ll need to act now to secure yours while we have a limited stock available.

Click ‘Add to Basket’ to secure your ORIGINAL Penny Red stamp now.

If you do not wish to trial the collection, you can order the ORIGINAL Penny Red stamp for its standard issue price of £19.99 (+p&p) by clicking here.

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  • Country of Issue: Great Britain
  • Monarch: Queen Victoria
  • Value: 1d
  • Imperforate

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.