“We choose to go to the moon” – Own the framed JFK Original 1969 Half
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“We choose to go to the moon” – secure your Kennedy Moonlanding 50th Anniversary


“We choose to go to the moon” – secure your Kennedy Moonlanding 50th Anniversary

In 1962 John F. Kennedy made a speech encouraging the American public to support the Apollo 11 mission to land a man on the moon. Just seven years later, in July 1969, his dream was realised as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin climbed out of the Lunar Module onto the Moon’s surface.

Now you can commemorate this historic moment with the Kennedy Moonlanding 50th Anniversary Frame. This frame has been issued specially for the 50th anniversary of the Moonlanding and features an ORIGINAL JFK 0.4 silver half dollar.

The 1969 0.4 Silver JFK Half Dollar

Of all the Moonlanding commemoratives, the 1969 JFK Half Dollar is one of the most sought after – hardly surprising given that it may well have once been in the pockets of Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin!

And now you have the chance to own this original JFK Half Dollar, issued in the year of the Moonlanding, framed against a quote from Kennedy’s famous 1962 speech encouraging Man to reach Moon! 

SECURE yours for JUST £19.99!

Due to the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landings this year, we have seen the demand for Moon Landing commemoratives sky rocket. 

The US coin market is also an incredibly competitive area for collectors, and the coins are proving difficult to source from the UK. Therefore we expect these framed sets to be in very high demand, so you'll have to act now to secure one for your collection! 

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  • Frame dimensions: 165mm x 115mm
  • COIN:
  • Year of Issue: 1969
  • Coin Diameter: 30mm
  • Coin Weight 11.5g
  • Obverse: John F. Kennedy
  • Reverse: Presidential Seal
  • Metal:0.4 Silver
  • Finish: Circulated
  • Set Edition Limit: n/a

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