The Queen of Coins
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JUST £19.99 – discover the life of Queen Victoria through her coins…

Of all the fascinating monarchs in British history, the reign that seems to capture people’s imagination more than any other is that of Queen Victoria.

And now you can discover the life of Queen Victoria through her coins with the Queen of Coins book.

The life of Britain’s most famous monarch

The changes that took place under Victoria’s rule had a significant influence on the development and spread of British coinage.

In this book you will discover the stories behind coins minted across the world, Britain’s controversial first decimal coins, and the coin that led to barmaids across the country losing their jobs!

And what’s more, you’ll also explore the life of the monarch behind these fascinating coin issues and in doing so reveal the captivating tale of Victoria’s life and reign.

The Queen of Coins – exclusive to The Westminster Collection

Produced to the highest quality, this book features detailed images from her reign alongside an authoritative narrative that provides key historical background to her fascinating life.

Yours for JUST £19.99 (+p&p), the Queen of Coins book has been published exclusively for the Westminster Collection to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of this influential monarch’s birth.

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  • The Queen of Coins Book - Queen Victoria.

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