The WWI Penny Collector's Frame

The WWI Penny Collector's Frame

Take a journey back to Britain’s past with five coins from each year of the First World War.

This specially collated collection houses the 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, and 1918 UK Pennies in a sentimental collector’s frame.

Over a century old, each coin has a story to tell.

Whether they’ve been retrieved from the pockets of soldiers in the trenches, dug up from the front line, or even exchanged for rations – they tell the tales of our history.

What’s more, each penny in the frame depicts the portrait of George V by Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal and features the iconic Britannia design on the reverse.

Housed in the popular collector’s frame which explores the history of World War One, your coins will be preserved for generations.

But, considering the scarcity of WWI pennies, only a limited number of collector’s frames are available.

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  • Years: 1914- 1918
  • Country: UK
  • Denomination: One Penny
  • Finish: Circulated
  • Frame Size: 115mm x 165mm

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.

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