Saint Patrick's Day BU 50p Coin Cover

Saint Patrick's Day BU 50p Coin Cover - OVER 80% SOLD

Celebrate St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, with the limited edition one-day-only St. Patrick's Day 50p coin cover

Limited Edition - 500 authorised for release - OVER 80% SOLD

This presentation features the brand new St. Patrick 50p, issued by Jersey and struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated quality, alongside a 1st Class Country Definitive Stamp, officially postmarked by Royal Mail on St. Patrick's Day - 17th March 2024.

Only a small number of commemorative covers can be issued with a one-day-only postmark. And for that reason, this time-sealed presentation has a strict worldwide edition limit of just 500.

He drove all the snakes out of Ireland - Saint Patrick of Ireland 

Believed to be the founder of Christianity in Ireland, St. Patrick spent 6 years in captivity before hearing the word of God in a dream and managing to escape. Legend has it that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland and his place in history, folklore and more recently popular culture is etched in Irish Identity. 

This is the most exclusive way to own the St. Patrick BU 50p coin, and don't forget, once it sells out we cannot issue any more. 

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  • Actual Size of Cover: 190mm x 127mm
  • Coin: Jersey 2024 Patron Saints 'St Patrick' BU 50p
  • Metal: Cupro-nickel
  • Weight: 8.00g
  • Diameter: 27.3mm
  • Finish: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Stamp: GB 2022 N.Ireland Country Definitive 1st Class
  • Postmark: 17.03.2024
  • Edition Limit: 500

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