The first Euros of Netherlands
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The First Series of the Netherlands Euros

Today you can add to your collection a fantastic set of coins from the land of canals and tulips.

This set features the first series of Dutch Euros from the Netherlands, which are dated from 1999 until 2013. The Euro was introduced in the Netherlands in 2002 to replace the 'guilder', whose name was taken from the Dutch word 'gulden' meaning 'golden'.

The first series of Dutch Euros feature the portrait of Queen Beatrix, which was designed by Bruno Ninaber Van Eyben. This series was issued in the Netherlands until the Queen's abdication in 2013; she was the oldest reigning monarch in the country's history, and was succeeded by her son King Willem-Alexander.

In this set you will notice the lower denomination cents are adorned with the 12 stars of the EU and each features the Queen's profile encircled with the inscription 'Beatrix Koningin der Nederlanden' (Queen of the Netherlands). 

Whilst the 1 and 2 euro coins also feature the 12 stars of the EU, they include an unusual design, only showing half of the Queen's portrait, with her title displayed vertically down the middle of the coin.

Both the first and second series of Dutch Euros are in circulation, but as the first series featuring Queen Beatrix haven't been issued since 2013 they are becoming more and more collectible.

Your pack of the first series of Netherlands Euros displays all eight coins protectively encapsulated within an information card.

Secure your pack today! 

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  • 1 cent - Weight: 2.3g / Diameter: 16.25mm
  • 2 cent - Weight: 3.06g / Diameter: 18.75mm
  • 5 cent - Weight: 3.92g / Diameter: 21.25mm
  • 10 cent - Weight: 4.1g / Diameter: 19.75mm
  • 20 cent - Weight: 5.74g / Diameter: 22.25mm
  • 50 cent - Weight: 7.8g / Diameter: 24.25mm
  • 1 euro - Weight: 7.5g / Diameter: 23.25mm
  • 2 euro - Weight: 8.5g / Diameter: 25.75mm

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