The Only Fools and Horses Ultimate Cover
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The Only Fools and Horses Ultimate Cover

8th September 1981. The night the nation sat down at its televisions to watch the birth of what would become one of Britain’s most popular comedy programmes.

That’s right, none other than ‘Del Boy’ and Rodney Trotter are celebrating their 40th Anniversary – ‘lovely jubbly’ indeed!

And so, as commemoratives celebrating the anniversary fly off the shelves, you can now be one of the first fans to own the Only Fools and Horses Commemorative and Stamp Cover!

Featuring Officially Licensed Commemoratives

Each cover features the brand new officially licensed commemoratives, released specially for the 40th anniversary. All six commemoratives have been struck to a proof-like finish and feature full colour images of the most popular characters from the programme, including: Del Boy, Rodney Trotter, Boycie, Trigger, Grandad and Uncle Albert.

Royal Mail Only Fools and Horses Stamps

What’s more, each cover also features the official Royal Mail Only Fools and Horses Stamp Miniature Sheet; featuring Del's Reliant Regal and some favourite scenes from the series.

These have also been postmarked by Royal Mail with 22nd December 2021.

JUST 495 available

Most importantly, this cover is limited to just 495. Once postmarked, no more can ever be made, making this truly a worthwhile tribute to a classic comedy.

What are you waiting for? ‘You know it makes sense’!

Order Ref 185/678G/9


  • Actual Size of Cover: 254mm x 177mm
  • Medals: All 6 Only Fools and Horses Character Medals
  • Metal: Copper alloy
  • Diameter: 28.5mm
  • Stamps: GB 2021 Only Fools and Horses Miniature Sheet
  • Postmark: 22.12.21
  • Edition Limit: 495
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  • BBC and ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES (word marks and logos) are trade marks of the
  • British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under licence. BBC logo C
  • BBC 1996. Only Fools And Horses logo C BBC 1981. Series created and written by
  • John Sullivan. Scripts and characters C Shazam Productions Ltd. Licensed by
  • BBC Studios.

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.