JUST 495 authorised: The First Decimal Coins and Stamps

The unusual decimal stamps that pre-dated decimalisation

On the 15th February 1971, Britain made the transition to a decimal currency, in one of the most groundbreaking currency reforms in our history. 

But interestingly it was a year before, on the 17th June 1970, that the Royal Mail took their first steps in making their transition to decimalisation.

And today, to mark 50 years since the Royal Mail's first decimal stamps, you have the chance to own these unusual decimal issues that pre-dated decimalisation...

The Decimal issues that pre-dated decimalisation

In June 1970, the Royal Mail began their transition to a decimal currency. And as a part of their new issue of stamps were the rarely seen 'Postage Due' labels. 

These unusual issues were produced by the Royal Mail for the purpose of collecting unpaid postage and other charges from mail abroad - and what makes them especially interesting is that they were discontinued in 2000, making them a rare philatelic curiosity for collectors. 

And now you have the chance to own these first year of issue Royal Mail releases, alongside some of the FIRST EVER decimal coins...


Along with your Royal Mail decimals, are a collection of corresponding coins, including the first ever decimal coin and a first year of issue 50p. This is of course a collector’s staple, as seen by the recent high demand for 50ps in the collecting community.

Limited to JUST 495

With a strict edition limit of just 495, only a limited number of collectors can own this remarkable historic set. 

First year of issue coins and stamps are always highly sought after, and with the key 50th anniversary of Decimalisation next year, you'll need to be quick to add this important set to your collection. 

Order now to secure yours.

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  • Country of Issue:UK
  • Year of Issue:1968-1983
  • Coin Diameter:Various
  • Coin Weight:Various
  • Obverse:Queen Elizabeth II
  • Reverse:various
  • Finish:Circulated
  • Decmial 'To Pay' Postage Due Labels
  • Issued 17th June 1970, values included are 10p, 20p, 50p, £1.
  • Edition Limit: 495

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.

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