Less than 50 original UK Bank rolls available
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Own an original UK Halfpenny Bank roll

The decimal half penny was introduced in February 1971 and was the smallest decimal coin in both size and value.

However, due to its low value the coin became increasingly unpopular and was withdrawn less than 15 years after its release.

The halfpenny is the only decimal denomination to be withdrawn from circulation and as a result it has become the ‘forgotten coin’ of decimalisation.

Original 1971 decimal half pennies

Today you have the opportunity to own an original roll of 50 uncirculated 1971 half pennies that came straight from the bank almost 50 years ago.

Bank rolls are very uncommon in the UK (especially now that bank rolls are no longer issued) so you may not have seen one before. These bank rolls contain some of the first half pennies ever struck for circulation and have remained untouched since 1971.

Limited numbers available

After their withdrawal a huge number of half pennies were subsequently melted down, and as a result original bank rolls of this coin are very rarely seen. However, we now have a small stock available for collectors. 

Available for just £19.99 (+p&p), this is a rare opportunity to secure an original roll of fifty of some the UK’s first decimal halfpennies from 1971.

Order Ref 185/563H/0


  • Country of Issue: United Kingdom
  • Year of Issue: 1971
  • Denomination: Half Penny
  • Weight: 5.67g
  • Diameter: 25.48mm
  • Each bank roll contains 50 half pennies

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.