Captain Cook UK Stamp and Coin Cover
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This item has now sold out and is unavailable to order.

BRAND NEW Captain Cook UK Stamp and Coin Cover – JUST 500 Available


BRAND NEW Captain Cook UK Stamp and Coin Cover – JUST 500 Available

When Captain James Cook set sail aboard HM Bark Endeavour 250 years ago, his main objective was to observe the Transit of Venus from Tahiti.  However, he also carried a second set of orders in a sealed envelope which set him and his crew on a far longer journey of discovery, the legacies of which are still felt to this day in early records of the people, places and plants that shaped the way we see the world.

And on the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s adventure, the BRAND NEW United Kingdom Stamp and Coin Cover has been authorised for release, comprising the complete Royal Mail/Royal Mint tributes to this historically significant anniversary.

Comprising the complete Royal Mail/Royal Mint Captain Cook releases

Your cover features The Royal Mint’s second Captain James Cook £2 coin in the three coin series issued to celebrate the historic anniversary of Captain James Cook’s Voyage of Discovery. The set of £2 coins will form the full design of Cook’s ship, HM Bark Endeavour.

The 2019 £2 coin is the central piece of the puzzle. Designed by Gary Breeze, the new coin features the mast of Cook’s ship, below a celestial image of the Transit of Venus.

What’s more, you will also receive the complete set of ten Royal Mail Captain Cook stamps, officially postmarked in Plymouth, the port from which Endeavour departed our fair shores. The delightful stamps feature original illustrations by voyage artist Sydney Parkinson, Lieutenant Roberts and navigator Tupaia, and even a 1769 illustration by then Lieutenant James Cook of observations of the transit of Venus.

Strict worldwide edition limit of JUST 500

Significantly, your cover is one of just 500 issued for nationwide distribution, making it one of the most limited ways to secure this £2 coin for your collection.

What’s more, covers that combine both Royal Mail and The Royal Mint tributes are the most sought-after of all coin covers – often leading to a one-day sell out! With such a low edition of JUST 500, I urge you to secure your cover today to avoid disappointment.

Secure your cover today to avoid disappointment!

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  • Actual Size of Cover: 254 x 177mm
  • Stamps: GB 2018 Captain Cook 6v and miniature sheet
  • Actual Size of Stamps: 37mm x 35mm
  • Actual Size of Miniature Sheet: 115mm x 89mm
  • Coin: UK 2019 Captain Cook £2
  • Postmark: 16.05.2019
  • Edition Limit: 500

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