A History of Britain in Coins Collecting Kit
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A History of Britain in Coins Collecting Album

Change Checker's new History of Britain in Coins Collector's Kit brings history to life in a way that is specifically designed for Junior Change Checkers. 

We've picked 10 historical hot topics from some of the most interesting UK circulating £2 and 50p coins, all of which are possible to find in your change.

The challenge is to complete the collection whilst learning a little more about our history as you go.

And the best news is, when you place your order today, you will receive a FREE mint condition Great Fire of London £2 Coin to get your collection started!

Each coin can be stored using our unique Change Checker Collector's Cards, specially commissioned and expertly illustrated by Andy Walker.

The complete set of 10 Collector's Cards are housed in protective pages in a Change Checker Album, along with a title page with space for you to personalise the collection and our top 10 change checking tips to help you complete the set as quickly as possible.

The complete History of Britain in Coins Collector's Cards and Album is just £30 (+p&p) and makes for the ideal gift for junior Change Checkers.

Order Ref 185/361K/G


  • 5 x Customised Change Checker Pages
  • 10 x Change Checker 'A History of Britain in Coins' Collector Cards
  • 1 x Official Change checker Album
  • 1 x Change Checker 'A History of Britain in Coins' Introductory Cover Page
  • 1 x 2016 Great Fire of London Circulated £2 Coin

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.