Own a coin from the Queen’s birth year, postmarked with her OFFICIAL B
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Own a coin from the Queen’s birth year, postmarked with her OFFICIAL Birthday!

**Now 75% Sold**

This year the Queen marked her 95th Birthday. Not only was this a real milestone for our record-breaking Queen, but it is a crucial moment for the country and, importantly, collectors.

Today you have the opportunity to be one of JUST 750 collectors to secure a limited edition historic DateStamp™. It’s by far one of the most unique and limited ways to pay tribute to the Queen and her longevity.

An ORIGINAL coin struck in the year the Queen was born!

Just 750 historic pennies have been hand-sourced to be included in this DateStamp™ issue. Each one was struck in 1926, the year that Queen Elizabeth II was born.

Historic issues have always been difficult to source – many have been melted down over the years for their precious metal content and coins from 1926 are historic artefacts in themselves at almost 100 years old!

But with the 95th birthday of the Queen, these coins have been in even higher demand than ever before. Collectors have been rushing to add birth year coins to their collections for some months now, with no sign of slowing.

Marking the Queen’s 95th Birthday

Each historic penny has been officially postmarked by Royal Mail with the Queen’s official birthday 12th June 2021, marking the momentous occasion that Queen Elizabeth celebrated 95 years of age.

Only 750 available worldwide

JUST 750 of these special DateStamp™ issues will be available. That’s a tiny number considering the importance of this celebration worldwide.

By owning the DateStamp™ edition you know that your UK 1926 penny is unique, as the one-day-only postmark ensures that no more can ever be produced.

DateStamp™ issues have an extremely fast sell out history and the one-day-only postmark ensures the strict edition limit of 750. Sadly that does mean that once this edition is fully allocated, no more will ever be available.

Order now before it’s too late

This historic DateStamp™ will forever be a testament to this milestone celebration, the Queen’s lasting legacy, and longevity. You can order yours for JUST £12.99 (+p&p), but you’ll need to act today to secure yours before it’s too late.

Click the button below to secure yours now >>

Order Ref 185/211J/0


  • Country of Issue: UK
  • Year of Issue: 1926
  • Coin Diameter: 30.8mm
  • Coin Weight: 9.4g
  • Obverse: George V
  • Reverse: Seated Britannia
  • Metal: Bronze
  • Finish: Circulated
  • Postmarking Date: 12th June 2021
  • Maximum Authorised Release Quantity: 750
  • DateStamp (TM) is a trademark of 288 Group Ltd

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.