The Royal Tudor Beasts Display Page Set

The Royal Tudor Beasts Display Page Set

A new £5 series has been announced that will take you back to the time of King Henry VIII and the mighty Tudor dynasty!

A total of ten £5 coins will be released in the Royal Tudor Beasts £5 Collection to celebrate the magnificent King’s Beasts sculptures you’ll find if you visit Hampton Court Palace.

For hundreds of years, these heraldic beasts have stood guard still and silent on the Moat Bridge of the Palace representing the Royal lineage of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.

You can now secure a set of bespoke Display Pages to securely house all ten coins:

  • The Seymour Panther
  • The Lion of England
  • The Bull of Clarence
  • The Tudor Dragon
  • The Greyhound of Richmond
  • The Royal Dragon
  • The Yale of Beaufort
  • The Seymour Unicorn
  • The Queen’s Panther
  • The Queen’s Lion

This complete set contains five Royal Tudor Beasts Display Pages, each featuring information about the coins from the series.

The perfect way to house and display your collection of Change Checker BU £5 coins in the Royal Tudor Beasts collection, each page slots perfectly into your Change Checker Album, so you can present and protect your coins for generations to come.

** Coins not included **

Order Ref 185/118C/0


  • 5 x Change Checker Royal Tudor Beasts Display Pages to house 10 coins.

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.

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