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Olympic 50p Coin Swap

Olympic 50p Swap Centre

Welcome to the Olympic 50p Swap Centre.

We have now upgraded the Olympic 50 Swap Centre to Change Checker.

Change Checker allows you to not only track and swap your collection of Olympic 50p Coins but also the other £2, £1 and 50p coins that you find in your change.

It is completely FREE to join Change Checker - simply click here.

Changechecker from 50p swap

The Complete Olympic 50p Sports List

Aquatics Basketball Goalball Rowing Triathlon
Archery Canoeing / Kayaking Gymnastics Sailing Volleyball
Athletics Cycling Handball Shooting Weighlifting
Badminton Equestrian Hockey Taekwondo Wheelchair Rugby
Boccia Fencing Judo Table Tennis Wrestling
Boxing Football Modern Pentathalon Tennis

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