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Platinum Wedding Anniversary Banner

The incredibly rare Royal anniversary few of us know about...

On November 20th, The Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary. But this is what many perhaps hadn't realised... to celebrate a 70th (Platinum) wedding anniversary is incredibly rare.

In fact it's so rare, we've calculated as few as 60 people  in the whole of the UK will celebrate theirs this year. And if we didn't think Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh were special enough already, that literally makes each of them one in a million!

So not only do these new coins commemorate this incredibly rare milestone, but for you as a Royalty collector, they represent genuinely crucial pieces to add to your collection. Or to put it another way, NOT owning one of them would mean you miss out on commemorating one of the most historically important chapters of Her Majesty's reign.

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