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Never seen before 2013 St. George and the Dragon Silver Hallmark Set

The story of St.George and the Dragon is at the centre of British heritage that spans centuries of myth and legend passed down through the generations. Although the exact history of St.George is relatively unknown, his famous slaying of the Dragon remains today as a symbol of honour, bravery and courage. 

Its symbolism is so significant that it has been the favoured design of the annual UK sovereign for the past 200 years. In fact, combining rich British history with numismatic interest is a theme that is associated with all classic British coinage.

Historic and Numismatic Heritage

To celebrate this historic and numismatic importance, Matt Bonaccorsi, former Chief Engraver at The Royal Mint was commissioned to produce a series of medals that study the traditional George and Dragon design.

Armed with the brief to produce something never-seen-before and taking inspiration from quintessential George and the Dragon imagery, Matt has created a set of medals that each focus on key elements of the design. And the result is, well, simply stunning.

Never-seen-before George and the Dragon design

Having only ever been 3 representations of St.George and the Dragon to appear on the UK Sovereign during its long history, a brand new interpretation of the design is a rarity on any numismatic piece. As such, it is sure to excite collectors and numismatic enthusiasts alike.

Not only this, but the way in which Matt has chosen to represent his interpretation, with each medal focused on an element of the main design is also a remarkably new concept.

The 2013 St.George and the Dragon Silver Hallmark Set

Each medal has been minted to the standard diameters of historic British coinage - the crown, half crown, shilling and farthing, brought together in a set that together portrays a unique study of the George and Dragon design.

Featuring the iconic George and Dragon imagery on the crown-sized medal, each further ascending-sized medal is focused on one specific element of the main design - St. George, the Dragon and the English Rose.

Gracing the obverse, the four official London Assay Office Hallmarks are found, attesting to each medal’s precious metal content of 925/1000 Sterling Silver. These are incorporated in to each quarter of the St.George’s shield, surrounded by oak leaves and roses, which are also synonymous with traditional British heritage.

The first ever issue - Limited Edition of just 250

Struck with an extremely low edition limit of just 250, this set will be sought-after amongst serious collectors as the first of its kind. Your St. George and the Dragon Silver Hallmark Set will also arrive in a Deluxe Wooden Presentation Case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

All this combined, with a never-seen-before George and the Dragon design, a sell-out is expected. And fast. So make sure you order yours today!


  • Metal: 925/1000 Silver
  • Quality: Proof
  • Diameter: 38.6mm, Weight: 20g, Reverse: Saint George and the Dragon design
  • Diameter: 32mm, Weight: 9.62g, Reverse: Saint George
  • Diameter: 24mm, Weight: 5.35g, Reverse: The Dragon
  • Diameter: 20mm, Weight: 2.76g, Reverse: The Rose