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Featuring all four designs from Victoria's reign...

In 2012 Queen Elizabeth II will become only the second monarch in our history to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. Who was the first? None other than Queen Victoria, whose long and prosperous reign saw Great Britain rule a quarter of the globe and lead the world in industry and invention. And the backbone of her Empire? The 22 Carat Gold Sovereign.

Queen Victoria’s reign saw four distinct types of Gold Sovereign issued, and today you have the chance to own a complete set of all four of these coins. Each of them a collector’s item in their own right; these Sovereigns are some of the most sought after British coins ever issued and are hunted worldwide by collectors.

Your set contains four 22 Carat Gold Sovereigns. The very first Sovereign of Queen Victoria’s reign, with her ‘Young Head’ portrait until she was 68! And when it was eventually updated with the ‘Jubilee Head’ in 1887, public opinion was so negative the portrait only lasted seven years, making this the lowest minted Sovereign of Victoria’s reign.

The ‘Veiled Head’ portrait followed, and this was in use for 9 years until the end of Victoria’s reign. The veil was representative of the mourning dress Victoria wore daily after the death of her husband, Prince Albert.

Fittingly, your Sovereigns will come complete in a Deluxe Wooden Presentation Case, in order to preserve them for future generations. Your collection will also come complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing the legitimacy and precious metal content of the Sovereigns within.


  • All Coins - Weight: 7.98g, Diameter: 22.05mm, Metal: 22 Carat Gold
  • Young Head designer: William Wyon
  • Jubilee Head designer: Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm
  • Veiled Head designer: Sir Thomas Brock