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Al Capone Years USA Stamp Collection
Al Capone Years USA Stamp Collection

Al Capone Years USA Stamp Collection

Price £9.99 (+ £2.99 p&p)
I understand I will receive other stamps at the priority collector’s price from as little as £19.99 (+p&p) in The USA Year Set Stamp Collection at monthly intervals. I am under no obligation and may return any stamp within 10 days. I may stop collecting at any time.
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Own the original US Postage Stamps from America's most infamous Era!

Few images are stronger in American history than the organised crime of the Prohibition Era. And no-one still sends a chill down the spine more than America’s most famous gangland leader – Scarface - Al Capone himself.

Now you can re-live one of the most infamous periods of American history from the safety and security of your own living room. The Al Capone Stamp Collection comprises 14 original US Postage Stamps in unused mint condition – all for just £9.99(+p&p).

Issued between 1929 and 1931 these are the very stamps that were in circulation when Al Capone was at the height of his power with an estimated wealth of $100,000,000. And they were still being used on letters by the time of his indictment for Income Tax evasion in June 1931.

The very same stamps would have been used by his defence team as they prepared to defend him in the most important ever case of income tax evasion. They may have even been carried on some of Capone’s first letters from jail in 1931.

There is no better way of remembering the most infamous period of American history than through the postage stamps of the era. And with the Al Capone Stamp Collection costing just £9.99(+p&p), it is also a perfect piece of history to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

After 70 years, the stamps of The Al Capone Stamp Collection are in limited supply so make sure you reserve your piece of history today.


  • 14 mint condition stamps issued by the United States in 1929-31
  • Includes Display Pages and Certificate Title Page