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This item has now sold out and is unavailable to order.

Own 6 original coins from the First World War

The Coins of the First World War Collector Page includes 6 original coins which were all issued during the First World War and is the perfect collector's item for anyone with an interest in that period of British history.

These are coins which circulated in our ancestors' pocket change and you can only imagine whose hands they passed through, or what they were used to buy. Perhaps some rationed food or paper to write letters to their loved ones in battle. Maybe your coins even spent some time in the trenches.

These coins are a real piece of history and a perfect souvenir of the era.

Includes 3 Silver coins

What's more, three of the six George V coins in your collection are struck in .925 Sterling Silver - making them an even more prestigious keepsake

Following the financial loss suffered during the war, the government debased all silver coins from 1920 onwards, so your coins are some of the last of their kind to be struck to such a fine standard.

Your original First World War coins come ready to display in a sturdy card collector page. Secure push-fit blisters are mounted on to your page to give each coin the protection and presentation it deserves.

Limited Stock

We have a strictly limited number of collector pages available, so please reserve now to be sure of owning one.

Order Ref 185/326X/9


  • Coins included (dates may vary):
  • UK George V Farthing: Bronze, 20mm, 2.82g
  • UK George V Halfpenny: Bronze, 26mm, 5.65g
  • UK George V Penny: Bronze, 30.81mm, 9.45g
  • UK George V Threepence: .925 Silver, 16mm. 1.41g
  • UK George V Sixpence: .925 Silver, 19mm, 3.01g
  • UK George V Shilling: .925 Silver, 23.6mm, 5.65g

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
Coin Portfolio Management does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.